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The Venowave mobile compression device is the first of its kind. While many mobile compression devices use pneumatic compression (compressed air) to inflate sleeves around the calf, the Venowave uses a peristaltic wave motion on the back of the calf to continuously move blood. This gentle massaging action enhances circulation by moving blood from the lower extremities, where the vascular system is most commonly compromised. Instead of squeezing and releasing the calf, which results in shooting blood from the legs, the Venowave peristaltic pumps for DVT help to increase the overall baseline flow through continuous movement.

The Venowave peristaltic pump for DVT is designed to help with:

The compact design allows for comfortable use all day whether you are recovering at home, or on the go. This unique compression machine for legs can even fit under clothing. There are no wires, tubing or cords to hassle with and the rechargeable AA batteries allow for all-day use without being plugged into an outlet.

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