Asset Management

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Convert unwanted or underproductive assets into cash. We buy all types of medical equipment including laboratory, operating room, imaging, and critical care equipment.

Ancillary Clinical Enhancements offers:

Fair Market Value
Using our network, we’ll establish a full and reasonable fair market value for your equipment on the global market.
Expert Advice
We will provide a detailed report with recommenations on whether you should sell, dispose, scrap, or hold.
Fast Payment
We provide a certified check at time of pick-up.

How It Works

You contact us with a request for a proposal.
We respond within 48 hours with our assessment.
When we reach terms, we dispatch our recovery team, provide payment, and remove the equipment.
Leveraging our trade-in and lease buyout industry experience will maximize the value of your assets.

Pre-Owned Equipment for Less

Ancillary Clinical Enhancements offers a large selection of pre-owned inventory. Take advantage of our equipment acquisition program and use the savings to purchase recycled equipment at huge discounts to what you’d pay buying from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Benefits include:

We offer substantial savings versus OEM puchases.
Access to the largest selection of inventory of pre-owned medical equipment for labs, Operating Rooms, Imaging, and more.
Expedited Delivery + Warranty
You will receive prompt delivery and a warranty for all equipment.


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